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BIAB Vancouver at the Vessi Regatta Roundup

"No if, No Ands, Just Butts!" - (Dick Vanden Bosch)

And there you have it...we have a cheer!  Thanks, Dick!

And while we took no hardware yesterday, there was lots to cheer about.  We shaved off almost 10 seconds from our fastest time at Burnwater, and finished with a season's fastest time of 2:41 yesterday in a very close and competitive final race! We are making progress and we are really starting to feel it. We are feeling a more consistent and sustained power, a better rhythm, and we know we can endure and leave it all out there through to the end. Well done Butts!

Thank you to everyone for giving it your all! Thank you for taking the learnings from each practice, and from each race, and adjusting and making the effort to always improve and do better.

Thank you always Judi for your unwavering dedication, belief, expertise, wisdom and wit! We are so proud to have you as our coach! 

And Simon, while I would rather have you in the boat, we are grateful for your commitment and dedication to the team throughout your injury furlough, and for your guidance, advice and support to the coaching and strategy. 

Thanks Vince for your expert skill as a steersperson, and keeping us on track and safe!  Looking forward to having your paddle back in the boat too!

Thank you to all of you who came out to support even if you were unable to paddle.  We feel and are energized by the support of all of you!

Thank you to Yvonne and the support of the Abreast in the City paddlers that jumped aboard to offer their strength and power to the Butts throughout the event!

Some pics attached for your enjoyment!  My wife befriended an aspiring professional photographer at the viewing deck, and some of these have been shared by him.

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